Beer Run

Dwarves Farm Too

In which Geddin has a chat with a survivor from Kerent

Geddin was woken from a sound sleep, in the tent near the caravan, by a raucous sound. He exits to discover that Kelin is wrestling with someone (who is not a woman, and not in their tent) on the ground. He retreated until he smelled some bacon… and walked out past the still-wrestling men to get some. Kelin finally lost to Ornil, and Geddin suggested he come have some bacon with him.

After some uncomfortableness and skirting about the subject, it comes up that Kelin was at Kerent Hold when the Duergar attacked. It turns out that he’d been hiding near the inn, and heard someone – he thought perhaps it was Malack – screaming, being tortured. Geddin realized this must have been the tattoed captain and the female Duergar, Sokunus. Kelin asked if they were after the dwarves, and he agreed they were after the riches they carried.

After this, the chat turned to family and Geddin’s home trade of farming. Kelin had no family, not even a family name – instead the troupe is his family.



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