Beer Run

I Hate You All! Part the First

In which curiosity goes both ways

Aurora endured a long (translated via Drow Lecutula) interrogation from the mysterious Duergar, Imrur.

Questions asked by Disdainful Spooky Spider Elf: Name?:”’Rora”

Are you Human?: “Y…eeees”

How do you make your living? “I’m a messenger. I bring stuff…places.”

What were you doing with these dwarves?: “Stupid dwarves.” then, “They were going to Ulek, so was I. Safety in numbers.”

Why were you going there?: “Delivering a message to a businessman there.”

And the Dwarves?: “Uh from what I could tell, they wanted to go drink at a lot of taverns or something.” “I’m serious! Last place we were at they tried to sell beer to them. They really really like beer.” “Seriously. They’ve got this whole “my beer is magical” thing.”

Were they carrying anything special with them?: “Um… I’m not sure. I don’t think they trust me enough to tell me.”

Who is he?: “Jaska? He’s … Jaska. He’s a priest or something.”

Yes, Akagaur says he’s a priest of Dumathion. Do you know anything about Dumathion?: “He…something about grains?” “They were doing some kind of prayer when I met them.”

What sort of prayer?: “Look, this isn’t fair. I barely know them! I just met them like last week! I was being chased by kobolds who were scared off by orcs and then they saved me, and they were doing this grain prayer thing and they made me go with them because I know the way and…” She stops and starts to sniffle. “I don’t even know them.”

Questions asked by Aurora before DSSE made her shut up: Are YOU human? “I… ignorant human… am Drow.” I’ve never met a Drow before. Do you live here? “Lolth forfend that I should live in the realm of the Duergar.”

After this extremely successful interview, they made her give them her sword, which she’d JUST gotten and was none too pleased to relinquish. Then they led her outside, past the same impressively-armed troops that’d attacked Kerent Hold, to a 10’x15’deep pit, which they proceeded to attempt to (and then succeed to) push her into.



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