Beer Run

I Hate You All! Part the Fourth

In which a daring escape is made but a new friend is lost.

After more quiet but not particularly restful time in the cell, Jaska is taken away again. Oossk-Ussk hears something. The good news is that it’s not more spiders. The bad news is that Aurora and Oossk-ussk (but not Jaska!) are scheduled to be executed.

The two try to pry the bars off the cell and pick the lock to no avail. Exhausted, they try to come up with a clever plan to escape another way.

After much suggestion and rejection, they decide to pretend(?) to betray the dwarves and tell the duergar everything they want to know. The real plan is to make a break for it while they’re being escorted to speak to Ubay, who harbors a hatred for her out of proportion to their previous meetings. By this point, Aurora is just fine with betraying the dwarves for real if it comes to that, so they set the plan in motion.

They were escorted without restraints across the compound and, just as they were about to run for the gate, more guards came running over. Soon the reason for this became apparent – Trogs were attacking the compound! One of them ran towards the two, and they engaged in a whirling battle between the four duergar and the three semi-companions-of-circumstance. The new trog, Tssark, did not seem to appreciate it when Aurora helped finish off one of his attackers, but soon they were too busy fighting for their lives to bother with further dirty looks.

By the end of the battle, all of them were horribly wounded, and Tssark was nigh dead. Forsaking her chance to pursue the two remaining duergar, who fled to find help, Aurora quickly bandaged Tssark’s wounds before he could bleed to death. Together, they ran for the gate and beyond.

Wounded and tired, they could not keep up with the main army of retreating Trogs, and hearing a dozen or so pursuers approaching, decided to hide. Tssark and Aurora escaped detection, but Oossk-Ussk decided to distract them instead – by getting himself caught. His sacrifice let the others escape, but Aurora vowed to return for him. And probably her sword.



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