Beer Run

I Hate You All! Part the Second

In which Aurora really meets Oossk-Ussk and SCIENCE!

Deep in the existentially depressing pit, complete with endlessly random waves crashing, slick, drippy sides, and the eternal twilight of the Underdark, Aurora was bored. Her attempts to climb and leap out led to nothing but further exhaustion.

Some time later, the unlucky Trog that she’d encountered previously was unceremoniously chucked into the pit with her, having been caught spying on the camp. After some initial bandages and panic, the two settled into a draconic chat to pass the time.

Oossk-Ussk had been trying to figure out why the camp was there, and what its purpose was. He educated her on the difference between crazy spider elfs and driders (gross!), mentioning a rumor that there is one in the area. OU believed that the Drow and Duergar were working together in some complicated fashion.

She asked OU if it was likely his buddies would come to rescue them, (no, they don’t really like him much! He’s too smart for them.) and if they’d hide them if they escaped. He was confused why he should save her, so she clumsily tried to call on a life-debt for not completely killing him the first time. He seemed dubious about this.

The subject of her humanity came up again, and she answered somewhat cryptically, referencing Ferrix. Then the story of how she came to know Draconic came out.

“When I was young… I got into a fight with one of the boys in my village one night.” she says finally. “He hurt me and I… I don’t know if I killed him or not. But I know I was trying to. I couldn’t control my rage. They pulled me off of him and threw me in jail. After…a long time, they decided my punishment was to be thrown out and banned from ever returning.” “They pulled me off of him and threw me in jail. After…a long time, they decided my punishment was to be thrown out and banned from ever returning. So I wandered. I learned to fend for myself in the world. I did whatever jobs I could find. I met a man… he was sort of crazy, and convinced that the kobolds were going to mount some huge revolt. But he had food and coin, so I joined him in his spying. He taught me to speak it so we could find out what they were talking about I guess.” “Honestly it was pretty boring, kobolds aren’t that interesting to listen to.”

Some fruitless scheming on how to escape was followed by deciding a language exchange was in order: Aurora would learn Duergar and Oossk-Ussk would learn Common.

A mean ugly duergar lady came to stare at Aurora and question her parentage and “corruption.” Finally settling on her father being the source of the corruption. Some food (fungus) and water (delicious!), but not a ladder or earmuffs, was delivered. Shortly, more duergar came back with a rope, ordering her to climb up.

Soon they pass inside the wall, and she is taken to one of the low dark buildings. In complete contrast to the starkness of the last building, the interior of this one is a bewildering array of tubes, bottles, tables, tools of unknown sorts, candles burning all over to illuminate things better in some cases, but more often to heat something. In the spooky science lab was a chair. Swords pointed her at it, and she was reluctantly strapped in.

The arcane dwarf, Imrur then came over despite her various protests and jabbed her with a needle connected to tubes and things to an apparatus…which began to suck green stuff out of her thigh. She saw nothing more, as she passed out.



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