Beer Run

I Hate You All! Part the Third

In which Aurora gets a present meant for Jaska

Half dead and drained, Aurora woke up on a bed.

Oossk-ussk was also there, in his own bed. He observed that she was alive, and she inquired after his health which made him skeptical about her motives. She told him about the horrible SCIENCE they did to her, and how green stuff came out, but her blood was usually red.

They speculated what it could be for, aurora positing that it was the “corruption” they were so interested in. Whatever they did, she was still a shifter. Oossk suggested that it would be used for some sort of study or experiment. Aurora was horrified to think that they would make were-tigers “Duer-tigers!” with her blood.

She had little time to contemplate this, however, before a shadow darkened the small barred window. Spiders, marked with an insignia, poured in through the window to attack both of them. Though their captors had taken her sword, they hadn’t taken her Symbol of Ferrix. She shifted for the first time since meeting the dwarves, and attacked the spiders with the ethereal claw of Ferrix. It was a close battle, the spiders wearing her down with their poisonous bites… but she killed most of them, and Oossk got the rest. At the end, she could barely stand. (2hp!) She wondered aloud where Jaska was, hoping that he would come to heal her wounds.

Wonder of wonders, the wonder-dwarf appeared! A sort of weak attempt to heal her later, Aurora was no longer quite on the verge of death. Jaska asked about the spiders, and said he’d been delayed by a few hours due to his escort getting distracted. Apparently Jaska has an odd sort of status, and is not quite a prisoner. She asked him if he’d been stabbed with needles, and they hadn’t! He grumbled about her getting Akaguar to bonk him on the head, which set her off on a mini tirade about all the terrible things she’d endured compared to a crack to the head – plus she’d had to carry him the whole way.

She introduced him to Oossk-ussk and mentioned that he was teaching her Duergar. Oossk spoke up to say the spiders weren’t normal – they had symbols on their backs, the same ones as on the Drow galley. He asked if Aurora had made enemies of the Drow, and she didn’t think she’d made the spooky elf mad enough to try to kill her. He asked what had caused Jaska’s delay… apparently his escort had stopped for a slave auction of duergar females.

Then, Jaska recalled that maaaybe he’d pissed off the Drow lady. Something about his religious beliefs had upset her, and maaaybe the spiders had come for HIM. Aurora was even less pleased by this.

She informed him that if he wanted to learn Duergar he could learn it from one of his new special friends, then lamented “I should never have agreed to go with you on your stupid beer run! I could be delivering messages instead of being locked up and hurt and attacked and i hate you! Chosen, my ass!”



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