Beer Run

Into The Boulder Hold Deeps

Dungeon at last!

While discussing things over beer, Sordin has a beer-soaked ecstatic vision, and proclaims that he’s seen that Aurora should come on the quest. On finding that she’s intending to travel to Ulek like they are, she decides why not?

On the way down, passing through a gallery, they sight a body. Approaching it, monstrous centipedes erupt from it, and attack. They manage to poison Aurora pretty well (requiring some aid from Jaska), before she and Bolin manage to squash them all. As they rest, Stalwart comes out of hiding, having slipped in behind them. He notes that the fallen dwarf is named Beady Blackroot, and that he’s been missing for some time. Bolin notes that it appears that he was killed by an axe or some such, and that the centipede infestation was post-mortem.

As they leave, Aurora catches Stalwart trying to steal Beady’s boots, which turn out to be Boots of Acrobatics. The group agrees that, since Stalwart did no fighting that Aurora should get them instead. Then they press on into the dark.



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