Beer Run

The Way to the Vault

The priests take a beating.

While crossing a narrow path, a weak spot is discovered. Ropes across it do not prevent drunken Sordin from falling and getting badly hurt. Bolin is forced to retrieve him from a chasm. As Jaska crosses, he is attacked by Stirges. These are driven off (Jaska himself crushing one with but one mighty blow), but not before, weak from blood loss, Jaska also falls into the chasm. Once the stirges are run off or squashed, Bolin has to take Sordin back down into the chasms to save Jaska’s life, as he lay bleeding to death from the fall… with what little blood he had left after the stirge got done with him.

Moving on after a rest, the party hears noises ahead. Investigating, they discover a xorn with a magic collar about it’s neck. Jaska recognizes it as one of his uncle’s escaped elemental servants, and recalls the command word, “Kogok. Once uttered, the escaped xorn is compelled to follow Jaska deeper into the Deeps, as they approach the vault.

The combination entered, the real work of opening the vault begins, that of simply moving the massive iron door. After exhausting themselves somewhat, and making quite a racket, just before gaining entrance to the vault, a scraggy troll appears, nigh undead from using it’s own regeneration abilities to consume itself for months. Radiant powers save the day, preventing it’s regeneration… but not before accidentally allowing it to rise a second time to attack. Jaska is mauled badly in the combat, and once again owes his life to Sordin’s ministrations.

Once the troll is blasted into oblivion by the holy radiance of the priests and Aurora, Bolin manages to single-handedly open the vault door with amazing effort. Inside, Sordin retrieves the Vesel of the Sacred Seeds, and tells everyone that Lord Ringun has allowed them to select one item to take with them on their quest.

Play is adjourned before these items are selected, and every player may select one level three or lower item from the PHB before play of the next session.



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