Bolin Redbeard

Dwarf Warden


Homeland: Lortmil Dwarves d8

  • Attribute: Undaunted d9

  • Skill: Stone Mason d7

  • Personality Trait: Inexorable Stubbornness d8

  • Relationship: Sworn to the Sojourn’s success d10

  • Equipment: Dwarven Warhammer d6

Occupation: Soldier d6

  • Attribute: Scrounger d6

  • Skill: Engineering d7

  • Personality Trait: Loves to Drink d5

  • Relationship: Suspicious of Outsiders d6

  • Equipment: Leather Cuirass d6

Magic: Winter Stone Magic d4

  • Attribute: In tune with the Primal Earth d4

  • Skill: Cultivation d4

  • Personality Trait: Remote d4

  • Relationship: Fey mentor d4

  • Equipment: TBD d4

Individuality: d10

  • Attribute: *Boundless Endurance d12

  • Skill: Defensive Combat d11

  • Personality Trait: Seeks Redemption d9

  • Relationship: d10

  • Equipment: Climbing Gear d8

Relationship: Huntsman of Huntmaster Evon d8

Polymorph: That which is channeled through me.

  • Form of Winter’s Herald d8

  • Strength of Stone d5

  • Bear’s Endurance d4

Nature’s Wrath: That which is channeled through the Earth.

  • Hungry Earth d4

  • Nature’s Abundance d4

  • Winter’s Grip d4

  • Warden’s Grasp d5

  • Shield of Stone d8

d6 Exhausted
d7 distracted

Intensity: 6


Bolin Redbeard

Beer Run suffusion