Beer Run

Getting to Know Aurora

Aurora meets with her contact, Sholi Burntstead, and delivers her note to him as Stalwart watches. Sholi offers her a job of a return trip with a message to the Duchy of Ulek (from which she’s just come). She heads to the ale-hall to get a room, and Stalwart follows. There he creates a comical diversion with a cleaning lad, and tries to take Aurora’s newfound gold. But fate ends up such that Aurora catches him in the act. He tries to sweet talk his way out of it, buying her a beer. They get to know each other a bit.

Later, after Stalwart leaves, the rest of the gang comes in having just handed off the wounded border guards (those who helped Aurora get to Boulder Hold safely, and were cut down by kobolds) to their respective households. Osmund describes the Beer Run to Aurora.

Events So Far...
Summary of events up until this blog started

The PCs defend Lord Ringun from attack by kobolds on the day of his announcement of the once-a-century event of the “Beer Run” (Honorable Sojourn to the Eight Barley Holds). Ringun, impressed with their work, and needing to keep his more talented veterans home, decides to offer up the PCs as those who will go on the run, and the people accept them whole-heartedly.

Later the PCs are honored to play a game of Dirtling Smash, before the hold, and given fine ale. Many come to them with requests for them to perform tasks for them while on their quest.

The next morning, while sanctifying barley seeds for he journey, kobolds chase Aurora into the hold, and in the fight a bond is formed between her and the other questers.

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