Tag: Duergar


  • I Hate You All! Part the First

    [[:aurora | Aurora]] endured a long (translated via Drow Lecutula) interrogation from the mysterious Duergar, Imrur. Questions asked by Disdainful Spooky Spider Elf: Name?:"'Rora" Are you Human?: "Y...eeees" How do you make your living? "I'm a …

  • I Hate You All! Part the Second

    Deep in the existentially depressing pit, complete with endlessly random waves crashing, slick, drippy sides, and the eternal twilight of the Underdark, Aurora was bored. Her attempts to climb and leap out led to nothing but further exhaustion. Some …

  • I Hate You All! Part the Fourth

    After more quiet but not particularly restful time in the cell, Jaska is taken away again. Oossk-Ussk hears something. The good news is that it's not more spiders. The bad news is that Aurora and Oossk-ussk (but not Jaska!) are scheduled to be executed …

  • Ubay

    A high priest of Laduger. Associated unwillingly with Akagaur. His Duergu, Okiru, was killed by Zeron when she threatened to kill Aurora (Zeron knew that Akagaur wanted Aurora alive). Also uncle of Imrur (who he saw as a potential successor), who was …

  • Mukirus

    Duergu of Rotagan, assigned to Aurora to help her understand local customs and such. Initiate of Lolth.

  • Odiraur

    Captain of the guard of the imperial palace, Odiraur has risen to power through simple physical control of the palace and the emperor's person.

  • Snuuli

    Snuuli was hired by the drow to assassinate Aurora. Immediately following his attempt, there was an attack by Kua-toa, and all had to flee. Aurora showed mercy on Snuuli, who agreed to be her follower.