Deepholm is inhabited by mountain dwarves known only slightly more for the military prowess of their companies than their excellent ale.

  • Carry an ancient gift of honor (a signet ring), to the High King of Dwaves in Deepholm.
  • Place a stone ring commemorating the memory of a fallen warrior at the special graves at Azak-Morad.

Other Stops

Clan Underhill is composed of Hill Dwarves (the other clans are Mountain Dwarves) and resides in the low hills or Urtcheck. Clan Underhill is known for their mining skill. Clan Stonereaver’s hold is in the Barrier Peaks and the clan is known for their magical capability.

The Stark Mounds is in the southern area of Geoff. In these rolling lands live the Noniz (Gnomes). There are 13 clans of Gnomes led by a king, who rules from Moundgnomery.

  • Deliver a scroll with something secret on it to a gnome named Urumalix at Moundgnomery in the Stark Hills.
  • Obtain a magic ritual book from the dwarves at Clan Stonereavear’s hold. Follow on quest ends in Boulder Hold.

The Barley Holds


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