Forging of the Axe of the Dwarven Lords

The Forging of the Axe of the Dwarven Lords When Urdin founded the first hold, he bade his first sons to make it great, and make it well, and they obeyed him well. Moradin, pleased with the halls they had created, decided Urdin should have a weapon of surpassing power with which to defend this hold against any enemy. So he called on Skoreaus Stonebones, who he knew could not resist the challenge of making such a weapon, and who owed Moradin a debt of honor.

But no tools yet made would suffice to create a weapon the power of which Moradin demanded for Urdin. So first Skoreaus set off to create these tools. He worked with the sons of Urdin, and the dug from the deepest mine of the first hold, Ur-metals from which to create these tools. The dwarves had no forges hot enough to work such metals, however, so Moradin called on Surtur – flame of the depths, who can consume the world – to come forth, and make malleable the substances from which the tools would be made. And so did Skoreaus create the Anvil, Hammer, Tongs, Bellows, and Forge of the First Hold. These are called the five great tools.

Moradin then bade Surtur to breathe his hottest breath upon his own left arm, and Surtur did so with delight, burning off all but the bone, which would not burn, being the strongest substance in the world. Moradin then took the bones of his left arm, and snatched them from his frame (which none other would have been strong enough to do). He gave them to Surtur and bade him use them as the core of the new weapon for Urdin.

Skoreaus took Moradin’s arm, and shaped it with the tools he had. The bones were too hard to shape, but they felt the smites of Skoraeus’ hammer, on the anvil, and they knew what they must do, and they shaped themselves according to the design of the stone one, and Moradin. In the end, the weapon that was created was an axe of grand might, and it was given by Moradin to Urdin. It then passed down to the eldest son in each generation (though it has been lost more than once), and has since been called the Axe of the Dwarven Lords. It appears in time of need to noble dwarves who have the most need of it, and guides it’s wielder to acts of tremendous honor.

Forging of the Axe of the Dwarven Lords

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