The Underdark

Early on in the Beer Run, Aurora and Jaska were abducted by a Duergar demigod named Akagaur who took them back to his imperial city. Since then Aurora has had many adventures, and picked up a number of friends and less well-inclined followers.

Duergar City

Being first kept in a pit, in a camp run by Akagaur’s minions, Aurora meets Oosk-ussk, an intelligent trog mutation, and is experimented on. She eventually escapes to the caverns of Ossk-ussk’s tribe. Jaska is left behind to earn the respect of the Duergar who seem to understand his religion.

Trog Caverns

At the trog caverns, Aurora becomes mixed up in a plot revolving around the disappearance of a male trog. Eventually she falls in love with a trog named Big Horns, who is slain in the action. Jaska shows up, and she returns to the Duergar City on a promise that Jaska will figure out a way to bring Big Horns back from the dead.

Duergar City Redux

Aurora meets Charity, and becomes a pawn of Duergar internecine warfare and politics. During the course of these intrigues, Aurora picks up several other followers of various stripes. From the testing done on her last stay, the Duergar become aware that Aurora is capable of casting a spell that could destroy the Vault of the Drow, and bargain with her to get her to do it. Aurora hatches a plan.

The Vault of the Drow

Aurora’s plan is halted when, during the casting of the spell, a counterspell catches them. As a result, Aurora and Charity arrive in Erelhi-Cinlu, a major drow city-state that exists in a cavern known simply as The Vault of the Drow.

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The Underdark

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