Beer Run

Akaguar the Muddy

In which the heroes did not get turned to stone.

The party approached Kerent Hold, with some strange sightings. A makeshift submersible and a caged stone behemoth being the most prominant. Before they arrived, they met with a dwarven hero, Geras Singleblade, who asked the party to join in taking an Oath of Honor. All but Aurora agreed.

This was perhaps a bad idea given that they soon discovered Kerent Hold to be a veritable hive of villainy. After a brief standoff with the “boss” of the town, Galack (brother of the innkeper Malack – twins! but not sexy :( ) they went to have an ale or five. The ale was terrible, and Galack ignored Bolin’s attempt to drink him under the table so Jaska began bargaining over importing some from Boulder Hold.

Meanwhile, Bolin stopped two grungy dwarves from attacking one of the few humans in the alley behind the inn while Aurora watched through the window. The human merchant, Redzius was grateful and offered to help the party. Borek, the captured thief was not so grateful.

Sordin made the delivery he was there for, but shortly, Galack went outside to confront an approaching army of …dun dun DUUUUN… Duergar! Led by a crazy powerful earth elemental demigod dwarf named Akaguar who promptly dispatched the formerly-scary stone behemoth. Aurora, Osmund and Jaska all took turns trying to distract him from his goal – the silver chalice in which the life of Boulder Hold was contained – while the others (after much discussion) fled to the tunnels beneath the inn.

Osmund joined them when Aurora completely failed to pretend she was chasing after someone, and was promptly caught by armed guards. Jaska tried to blast Akaguar with his strongest divine power – to no avail. The only thing this accomplished was to get Akaguar to try to convert him to his own faith – Laduger. Jaska challenged him by suggesting that they needed a proponent of Dumathion among them, and suddenly was in Akaguar’s employ, give or take.

After directing the lovely female Duergar, Sokunus, to search for the others, Akaguar cast a spell that sucked both Jaska and Aurora into the earth.

Not knowing what happened above, Bolin, Sordin, Osmund and possibly Stalwart and others, made it safely to the river, and a day’s journey from the human city of the County of Ulek.



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