Beer Run

Parties in the sweet open air

In which the intrepid heroes press on and find a carnival

The surviving group who had escaped Akaguar’s clutches regrouped by the riverside. Sordin gave a suddenly-sober inspiring speech ( and, after some consideration, they decide to press on in the hopes of completing their quest and hopefully finding their lost companions.

They decided to take the 5-day over-land route. Longer, but significantly less underwater. So they headed towards Ulek, skirting the mountains. After a long trek, Osmund heard music in the distance, presumably from a clearing. None recognized it, but Bolin noticed a human following behind them. This Kelin claimed to be a fellow traveler from Kerent Hold, having fled as well and on his way to join his troupe in the meadow. The dwarves decide to join him and find a caravan there as well.

Geddin was unhappy with the amount of noise the wild festival was making, claiming they would not hear the oncoming armies of death. A bit overdramatic isn’t he? Bolin replied that they would likely attack the humans for their lack of good taste while they slipped off into the night, a thought which affronted Geddin’s sense of honor and beating the snot out of things.

Despite this, they get dinner and some ale in the party. Sordin is dismayed to find that Bolin actually is willing to drink /human/ ale – filthy stuff! The food isn’t much better, having likely gotten someone else’s meal by mistake.

Bolin discerns that the caravan is headed across the Lortmil Mountains to southern Celene, and the northern extents of the Principality of Ulek that are contested by the orcs of the Pomarj. They decide not to link up with the caravan as the direct rout south will probably be more safe and less distracting.

Also a tent fell over and people laughed.


[19:50] <mike_holmes> The group having dragged themselves out of the river and set down the boat, lie on the banks as the sun is coming up, and take a rest. Geddin notes that Sordin looks very worse for the long underwater trip (using the “submersible” created by the dwarves of Kerent Hold), and he begins drinking. [19:50] <mike_holmes> After a while, he passes out. [19:51] <mike_holmes> Later, when the group deems it time to move on, somebody shakes Sordin to wake him, and he sits bolt upright. His eyes get fixed in an unnatural fashion, and he proceeds to speak in a preturnaturally sane tone; [19:51] <mike_holmes> [20:07] * Geddin strokes his thick full beard for a moment before responding [20:07] * Geddin says gruffly, ‘I say we go on, but I was going to say that no matter what.’ [20:09] <geddin> “Though I imagine we will need more able bodied men-at-arms before this is seen through, so recovering our new found friends is a matter of importance.” [20:15] <mike_holmes> Sordin nods his agreement, and then promptly passes out again. [20:22] * Geddin goes about double-checking his gear and cleaning his weapon idly [20:25] <osmund> “I agree. I am inclined to find them before we press on in either direction.” [20:40] * Geddin dries out his things and mutters, ‘Lets take the land route, its less damaging to our gear and we are harder to follow.’ [20:49] * Osmund nods. [20:56] <mike_holmes> After a while, Sordin comes too, and the group starts off overland to the South, keeping the mountains on their left, as they did before when they first left the road. [20:57] <mike_holmes> * [20:57] <mike_holmes> *

[21:34] <mike_holmes> After making their way for most of the day, the group is coming to a forested area ahead. [21:37] <mike_holmes> As they approach the woods, there is something of an “indentation” in it, a meadow surrounded by the woods. Before they get there, Osmund hears music in the distance coming from it. [21:40] * willows holds up a hand. “Listen. Does anyone recognize that music?” [21:42] <geddin> “Music? I don’t hear anything.” [21:42] * Geddin stops to listen [21:56] <mike_holmes> Nobody in the group can identify the music at all. [22:00] <mike_holmes> Stretching as the rest consider what to do, Bolin looks back the way they came, and sees a human making his way in their general direction (if not exactly at them). [22:00] * Osmund shrugs and heads toward the music, singing a brewing song of his people at a normal kind of volume in order to indicate his approach. [22:03] * Bolin follows along with the group, keeping a wary eye on the human behind them. [22:05] <mike_holmes> The human spots them, and waves to them, and begins to hurry in their direction. [22:05] * Bolin Bolin stops and moves to be between the human and the rest of the group. [22:07] <mike_holmes> The rest of the group becomes aware of Bolin ceasing to follow, and then subsequently see why. [22:08] * Geddin moves up just behind Bolin [22:08] <geddin> “Friend or foe?” [22:08] <bolin> “I do not know. Let us find out.” When the human is within earshot, Bolin shouts, “Hold and state your business!” [22:09] <mike_holmes> “Friend,” shouts the man as he comes up. “I was a traveler at Kerent Hold. I saw you in the Inn there.” [22:09] <mike_holmes> He stops short, panting for breath. [22:09] <mike_holmes> His hair is slightly grey, though he seems fairly hale, despite his age. [22:10] <bolin> “And you found us here, how?” [22:10] * Geddin offers him water from his pack with a grunt [22:11] <mike_holmes> “Simply chance… I, too, fled from that place. I was headed here,” he points to the woods, as he takes the water. [22:11] <bolin> “And your business here?” [22:13] <mike_holmes> “My troupe are camped here,” he says. “Quite the scene there, wasn’t it?” [22:13] <bolin> “Yes… quite the scene. Any idea what it was about?” [22:14] <mike_holmes> “I thought you might be able to tell me,” he says. “It was you they were looking for, wasn’t it?” [22:15] <bolin> “Was it? We just got out of there when he started turning people into dirt. We delve in the earth, no wish to become it.” [22:16] <mike_holmes> The man nods in appreciation of the comment. “Took me until this morning before I could sneak out safely,” he relays. [22:17] <mike_holmes> “I’m really tired.” [22:17] <bolin> “Well then, let us not keep you from your troupe.” Bolin steps aside. [22:19] <mike_holmes> “You must come and meet my people,” he says, and begins off toward the meadow. [22:19] <mike_holmes> He gestures for them to follow. [22:19] <osmund> “I was just about to ask if we might share your camp briefly.” [22:20] * Osmund glances at the others for any movements of disapproval. [22:20] <bolin> Bolin looks at Osmund, then shrugs and begins to amble behind the human. [22:21] * Geddin shrugs and grunts acknowledgingly [22:22] <mike_holmes> *

[22:23] <mike_holmes> A few minutes later, they enter the meadow, and the place is a riot of color and sounds. The music, coming from a flute player, is now quite loud. But it cannot drown out the banter of everyone there. It looks to the dwarves as if some wild festival is going on. [22:23] <mike_holmes> A man speaks to the one they met on the way here, and says, “Kellin, nice of you to join us! A caravan has stopped on the other side of the meadow, and we’re entertaining!” [22:26] * Geddin tugs on Bolin’s arm with a frown, ‘This place is quite loud.’ [22:27] <bolin> “Yes. It is.” [22:27] * Geddin takes on a serious look [22:27] <geddin> “When the armies of death come for us tonight, we will not hear them approaching. A bad omen.” [22:28] <mike_holmes> A man goes by juggling flaming torches, nearly singing Geddin’s beard. [22:28] <bolin> Bolin frowns and gestures at the riot of color around them. “Clearly they will slay these ones first for their offense to good taste and we shall slip by unseen.” [22:28] <mike_holmes> The light is getting somewhat dimmer above, as the sun sinks in the west. [22:28] * Geddin almost draws his sword, he had his hand on the hilt and it in motion before he stops himself with a disapproving grunt [22:29] <mike_holmes> Another performer goes by dressed in a costume of bewildering colors, doing flips as he goes. [22:29] <geddin> ‘Slip by unseen? UNSEEN? And miss the chance to die in battle slaying many of their proud race? I THINK NOT.’ [22:29] <bolin> Bolin turns to Kellin, “Good sir, might we bed down with you and yours tonight? It is late in the day.” [22:31] * Geddin mutters to himself as he walks away from Bolin, ‘And he calls himself a Dwarf.’ [22:32] <mike_holmes> Kellin stops and turns, “Why certainly… there’s plenty of room, and this land belongs to no man… or dwarf.” [22:32] <mike_holmes> he grins [22:34] <mike_holmes> Kellin sees one of the visitors to the glade, possibly a mercenary, and discerning the man’s nationality, tries to make him an obeisance that would fit his home country. He apparently gets this quite wrong. But the mercenary seems not to mind. He asks Kellin where he can get some ale. [22:34] <mike_holmes> Kellin points to a tent. [22:35] * Geddin just wanders around until he finds the ale, grunting unhappily at all that cross his path [22:35] <mike_holmes> Bolin notes that the camp-site is a mess. Trash seems strewn casually everywhere. [22:35] <mike_holmes> The Ale tent smells strange. [22:35] <bolin> Catching the eye of his fellow Dwarves, Bolin heads towards the ale tent and chats up the proprietor. [22:36] <bolin> “An ale here, if you please, sir.” [22:37] <mike_holmes> Sordin comes running up behind, but is too late. The proprietor places the ale in front of Bolin who, very thirsty, takes a drink from it. [22:37] <mike_holmes> “Noooooooooooo!” [22:40] <mike_holmes> Bolin can see precisely what Sordin was afraid of. The brew at hand is so foul that it takes all of Bolin’s strength of will not to spit it out all over his nearest neighbor. [22:40] <mike_holmes> “That’s human ale you dolt!” says Sordin. “You don wanta be drinkin that, laddy!” [22:42] * Bolin shrugs. “I’ll try anything once.” He turns back to the proprietor. “So whereabouts is this caravan headed?” [22:44] <mike_holmes> “I think they’re headed across the mountains. There’s a pass not far from here that ends up in southern Celene. They probably want to trade with the elves. Not much more on that side of the mountains,” he replies as helpfully as possible, his eyes twinkling with the chance of a tip. [22:59] <mike_holmes> Sordin, having ordered something to eat, gets an entirely different meal than what he’d asked for. [23:00] <mike_holmes> He frowns, but very hungry, eats it anyway. [23:01] <bolin> Bolin tosses the man an extra copper and thanks him for the ale and the information. [23:02] <mike_holmes> The man looks at it. Not impressed, but better than nothing. As Geddin watches this, it occurs to him that Bolin is perpetuating the stereotype of the miserly dwarf. [23:05] <bolin> Bolin, though not a great tipper, makes up for it in his volume of custom. He drains his mug and quickly orders more. And more. Eventually, he gets bored and leaves, sometime late in the night. [23:06] <mike_holmes> Bolin has to spend a while picking the sediments out of his teeth… another fun side-effect of the human ale. [23:07] <mike_holmes> Sordin looks with a sort of awe at Bolin, as they retire. “I can’t believe you can drink that swill.” [23:09] <bolin> Bolin chews on some sediment reflectively. “Once you get used to it, it is really quite enjoyable. Like eating boot leather several weeks after your rations give out.” [23:10] <mike_holmes> As Bolin gets comfortable to go to sleep, he notes that one of the human tents falls over. There is laughing.

Parties in the sweet open air

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