Beer Run

Terrible Captivity in the Underdark. Terrible!

In which Aurora acts out and feels bad while Jaska is out cold.

Finding themselves on an island in a strange sea with only Duergar and Akaguar for company, Aurora informs Jaska that she hates him. This amuses the demigod, and he bonks him on the head for her, knocking him out cold. This dubious act of kindness meant she had to carry the extremely heavy dwarf everywhere.

Rebuffing Akaguar’s question as to what she is – she hasn’t told anyone else and isn’t about to start now – they are taken on a raft to a long beach with a ridiculously tall cliff, marred with a few caves along the way. One of the Duergar fetches, well, another one, and Akaguar bosses him around. The other dwarf is not super pleased by this, since he doesn’t consider himself his subordinate, but has no choice but to accept the order.

Akaguar then introduces him to her. Ubay, her new captor. Who doesn’t speak Common or Draconic, so he points a lot while giving significant looks. This works well enough, and he’s probably happier not really knowing what Aurora is jabbering on about as she follows reluctantly.

During a break, Ubay leaves the two alone for a while as they go down the shore further. Aurora takes this opportunity to ditch Jaska and go spelunking. While exploring, Aurora heard footsteps – a Trog, she found out as she leapt out at it from hiding, carving its hide up something fierce and skipping away from its blows unscathed. As she was chasing it down to finish it off, she suddenly realized that maybe it would have been a better idea to talk to it instead of killing it. Her apology did not go over well, though she found out that his kind lived there and were not friends of the Duergar, though they traded with them.

She trudged back out of the cave dejectedly and Ubay came back to lead her to a walled compound which she really did not want to go into. Locked in a room with Jaska, she brooded until a strange Duergar came in, wearing sort of arcane vestments. Realizing she can’t understand him, he brought in a Drow woman named Lecutula. She threatened Aurora’s life unless she cooperated, which led to a somewhat conflicted answer from the shifter.

There are no parties in the Underdark.



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